I do not provide any other services than massages, which are listed in the price list. Thank you for understanding.

Traditional Thai massage

         60 minutes    700 CZK

         90 minutes  1000 CZK

       120 minutes  1300 CZK

It helps with pain and stiffness of muscles and joints, improves flexibility of tendons and mobility of joints. I use fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet during the massage. This massage is performed in loose clothing (loose t-shirt and trousers) that will be loaned to you.

Thai oil massage

        90 minutes   1050 CZK

      120 minutes   1350 CZK

It combines Thai massage and oil massage. It is gentler than traditional Thai massage. It harmonizes the body and contributes to overall relaxation

Thai Royal Herbal massage

        90 minutes   1100 CZK

      120 minutes   1400 CZK

A combination of Thai massage, applying heated bags filled with Thai herbs to the body and relaxing aroma massage.

Hot lava stones massage

        90 minutes   1050 CZK

      120 minutes   1350 CZK

I use oil and massages with her palms and hot lava stones, which stir up energy in the body.

Thai sports massage

        60 minutes     750 CZK

        90 minutes   1050 CZK

Massage for active athletes to relax after exercise or as prevention.

Relaxing aroma massage

       60 minutes      700 CZK

       90 minutes    1000 CZK

     120 minutes    1300 CZK

The combination of scented oil and gentle massages will help you relax perfectly. There are rose or orchid scents to choose from.

Oil massage

       60 minutes     700 CZK

       90 minutes   1000 CZK

     120 minutes   1300 CZK

Medium to strong massage level. It reduces fatigue, relaxes muscles and general tension.

Coconut massage

       60 minutes    700 CZK

       90 minutes  1000 CZK

     120 minutes  1300 CZK

Massage with organic virgin coconut oil will make your skin flexible, soft and supple.

Back and neck massage

        60 minutes   700 CZK

It is based on Thai massage. It relaxes stiff muscles. It is focused on your specific problem areas.

Foot massage

        60 minutes   700 CZK

Massage of the calves and reflex points of the feet will relieve your feeling of heavy legs.

Golden facial massage

        45 minutes     600 CZK

First, the face is cleaned with a facial soap, then almond oil is applied to the face, followed by a facial massage. Then the massage continues with a special gold leaf added. Finally, the skin is cleansed and a moisturizing cream with rice milk is applied. All preparations for this massage are made in Thailand.